Josephine Comodi


I am Josephine Comodi and for more than thirty years my spirit captured in gorgeous silk and pashmina shawls, my art studio is located in Assisi

Here I want to present my T-shirts collection 100% made in cotton, each one made precious by my design from a silk painting or a tempera painting; its an essential outfit either casual or chic which should be in any wardrobe.

By this marketing initiative she wishes to leave a footprint of the unique and exclusive Italian creativity to the global community.

I have purposely left the O of my last name Comodi open few years ago as a symbol of connectedness to the Universe.

I have been inspired by the Canticle of the Creatures of St Francis of Assisi for Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Mother Earth and Brother Wolf.

I have followed my instincts and have chosen some animal because their archetypical simbology according to the traditional cultures of the world possess positive and soothing characteristic, so in need in a time of challenges like now.

I have chosen the wolf, the eagle, the deer and the owl. The sailboats with the words “all’alba vincerò” from the Turandot of Puccini..

We have all size for men, women and children; the neck is different for male or female.

As for the black Tshirt with a silver heart, the words incorporated are from St Agostino “Ama e fà ciò che vuoi” Act freely from your heart.

If you wish different words to be incorporated inside I will do it according to your wish.

Some Tshirts have silver glitter on it so that you may have a choice and each one is fixed .

Eagle: It assists us in finding the guiding vision of our lives. Eagles allow us to rise above the world turmoil and gives us wings to soar about struggles into the high peaks close to heaven.

Wolf: Wolves make quick decision, often we need to trust our own instincts and make firm emotional attachment.

Owl: Rather than intellectual wisdom owls are connected with the wisdom of the soul. They are related to wisdom and femininity.

Sailing boats with the words “ all’alba vincerò” from the Turandot of Puccini represents the hope for all of us….at the dawn I will be victorious.

Deer: its stare, its agility, its speeds and exquisite grace represent the power in nature that cannot be easily subdued. This animal is also a symbol of regeneration as the anthers fall off and grow again.

Swallow: A promise of return, fluidity and joyful movements.

The secret of the fox to the little Prince: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.

Music: tribute to the Ezio Bosso Italian composer, pianist and conductor. Music is like life it can only be done in one way, together. “ I can add some silver glitter if requested”